Essential gadget for iPhone and iPad…

The Apple’s iOS devices, seems to be storage hungry, regardless of the ever-increasing storage upgrades from Apple each year. Unfortunately, not this time round for the iPhone 6s’s, which is capped at 128GB. Will it be enough? For most users, initially be it 16GB, 64GB or 128GB, it sounds plenty. Well, after going for a couple of months, snapping away the selfies, food pictures and beautiful sceneries during trips, songs, videos and all those apps we love, we suddenly found that our quite big storage is depleting and shrinking quickly. The 16GB is definitely a teaser, you will ditched it in weeks of owning it.

Storage is depleting fast

Even with a few new features from Apple like ‘App Thinning’, ‘App Slicing’ and ‘On-demand Resources’, the bottom line is we simply need a back-up and additional storage solution.

iKlips for me

As an avid iOS user, when I got my iKlips as a perk for pledging on Indiegogo, a popular crowd-funding site, I was more than excited and relieved. To my delight, I found it to be well-worth the venture.


The iKlips story

We love creating beautiful, functional products for people who live and breathe technology, just like us. At the heart of any product design process is the interaction between technology and people, and we decided to push it further. We wanted to make real connections, so aside from technical and performance innovations such as USB 3.0 and exFAT support, we incorporated a completely unique clip on the back side. You can attach your flash drive to your bag, clothes or pockets and always keep it safe. Plus sharing content between friends, or keeping your memories safe and sound, just became a whole lot easier. From the very beginning iKlips has been a special project – blending artistic form with usability, ergonomics with functionality, and creativity with practicality – and we can’t wait to share the award-winning end product with the world. Developed by the Adam Elements team and exclusively manufactured in Taiwan.

More space for adventure.

As much as you love your iPhone, don’t you wish it had more space? iPhone and iPad external storage. For when your phone is packed full of games, apps and music. Available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB & 256GB. Just don’t forget to take it with you.

Premium quality. Simply the best.

Precision engineered with premium materials to integrate into the iOS family. High-grade polished aluminium is smooth and cool to the touch as well as high-strength armor against damage. Available in five vibrant matte color plans with elastic silicone caps for rugged protection on the go. Inside features high-calibre MLC flash memory for a longer lifespan, along with USB 3.0 technology for the fastest read/write speeds in the world: 140/70 MBs (Lightning 26/10 MBs). Adam elements products are designed to look the best, and perform even better.

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For more information on the new iKlips storage drive jump over to the Adam Elements website for more details via the link below.

Source: Adam Elements


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