[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] Fastboot to overcome Bootloop/Softbrick for Redmi Note 2/Prime

Ever experience a bootloop/softbrick, your phone simply cannot go further and stuck at the Mi logo, arising a sense of panic. Bootloop or softbrick happens usually when there is a mistake when updating or flashing the system. Supposedly you want to update the ROM through Mi or TWRP Recovery, there may be errors during the update process which will lead you to a bootloop. In addition, many things that could be a factor that causes your device to bootloop. No worries, I done this too many times, save your money rather than to run to the nearest Xiaomi Service Centre.


Basically, in most cases of a bootloop the simplest way to resolve it is by flashing the ROM via fastboot mode.
NOTE: PC/Laptop is required to do a Fastboot flashing and at least a fully charged phone. (I am using Windows 10 hence it will auto-detect my Redmi Note 2/Prime automatically, without the need to download or install ADB driver). Backup your data accordingly, unlike mine is a guinea-pig unit.
1.      Download MiPhone Flashing Tool
Install the MiPhone/MiFlash tool as shown below:-
2.      Download Redmi Note 2 Latest Stable Version Fastboot File Download
Global Stable (Complete with GApps/Google Play Services)
China Stable (Mi App Store without GApps/Google Play Services)

NOTE: You can download any fastboot file of your choice, that ends with a “tgz” extension.  Go to thread link http://en.miui.com/a-234.html to get the latest Fastboot file.

3.      Extract “Hermes_global_images_V7.0.12.0.LHMMICI_20151104.0000.4_5.0_global_0e3156c914.tgz” preferably to a convenient location eg. C\:, as shown below:-


4.      Turn off your device. Press the Volume (–) down key and the Power button simultaneously to enter Fastboot mode. Connect your device to the PC/Laptop via a micro USB cable, and the Fastboot Miui mascot will appear, as shown below:-
5.      Run MiFlash.exe
6.      After your device is detected. Choose and click > Flash all, it will format the entire phone, including data and files in it (clean install) as shown below:-
7.      Click Browse > Locate the Redmi Note 2 ROM Fastboot file which had been extracted earlier (hermes_global_images_V7.0.8.0.LHMMICI_20151016.0000.3_5.0) > select images > OK, as shown below:-
8.      Click Flash, the flashing process will take place, immediately. Wait until the process is complete. You can see the progress bar turning green when the flash process is completed, as shown below:-

After the flash process is completed your Redmi Note 2/Prime will automatically restart itself and disconnect the USB cable.

All the best! No pain no gain.


NOTE: Should this method be unsuccessful, or perhaps if your Redmi Note 2/Prime is in status quo, there are still other method to overcome the bootloop ie. with the help of SP Flash Tool.

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