Knowing your Rights as a Consumer in Malaysia & Singapore

I have read numerous cases, whereby Xiaomi devices found to be defective or not in good order when unboxing them upon receipt from the courier services or the like. Knowingly Xiaomi is beginning to setup Service Centre in Malaysia, but most of them are inadequate to render the required services and consumer needs, eg like defective devices and complaints.

Hence, as a Consumer you need to know your Rights in a fair and ethical practices which advocates for a Consumer Protection (Fair Trading).

What to do should a diplomatic avenue have exhausted thru negotiating or simply being ignored of the problem?

You could bring your case to:-

In Malaysia:-

Tribunal For Consumer Claims Malaysia OR E-Tribunal at their website:-

In Singapore:-

Consumers are protected under the Consumer Protection (FairTrading) Act.

Bring your case to CASE, if the dispute cannot be settled by CASE, the consumer may file a claim in court for civil remedies under the Small Claims Tribunal.

As a Tourist:- Singapore Tourism Board, should you feel that a judgement is prejudice, you could then proceed to Small Claims Tribunal,provided that the claim is for an amount less than $10,000, and Claims must be lodged within one year of  the action that resulted in the claim.

Disclaimer: This is a guide for the protection of consumer rights, should there be ANY amendments, alterations or changes in the said of Rules & Regulation, please refer to the respective body or institution for further details.

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