Flash SuperSU using TWRP recovery and Root Redmi Note 2/Prime

TWRP and CWM are non-stock custom recovery, which can be install over the stock recovery. With the custom recovery you get extra functionality which allows you to do various things that the manufacturer may not want you to do with it. Some of the common features, ability to install third-party ROMs, perform NanDroid backups, ADB functionality and friendly UI with touch capabilities.

SuperSU is a Superuser access management tool which allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root.

Let’s get started.

DOWNLOAD MiPhone Flashing Tool


DOWNLOAD TWRP Recovery Image

TWRP Recovery Image

DOWNLOAD BETA-SuperSU-v2.67.zip AND MOVE it to the memory of your phone.


Go to About phone > tap MIUI version at least 7 times to activate the Developer options.

Go to Additional settings > Developer options > USBdebugging > Enable it.

After you downloaded the files, Install MiPhone Flashing Tool, and it will installed the required drivers (ADB & Fastboot) that you need. As shown below:-
1Mi Phone Tools wm-vert

Browse to C:\Program Files(x86)\Xiaomi\MiPhone\Google\Android as shown below:-
2Android path

Press the SHIFT key and Right Click your mouse and Open command window here, as shown below:-

To check whether that the Adb driver is installed properly, just TYPE “ADB version, it should return the version of the ADB, as shown below:-
4x2 wm

Turn off your device. Then press the Volume (–) DOWN key and the Power button simultaneously to enter Fastboot mode. Connect your device to the PC/Laptop via a micro USB cable, and the Fastboot MIUI mascot will appear, as shown below:-

Move the “twrp287.img” into the Android window/folder and rename it “recovery.img”, as shown below:-


Enter the commands on ADB prompt, to install TWRP, in the following sequence, one after another as follows:-


TYPE fastboot devices PRESS ENTER

TYPE fastboot flash recovery recovery.img PRESS ENTER

TYPE fastboot reboot PRESS ENTER


Your Redmi Note 2/Prime will reboot accordingly, once the screen turned off, QUICKLY HOLD THE VOLUME UP BUTTON to enter TWRP recovery.

Sequences of the commands being entered, as shown below:-
7twrp fastboot wm

NEXT, install the UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip accordingly to start the rooting process on your phone.

Now you done rooting the phone.

Note: For those who still getting into Mi Recovery mode. After your phone rebooted into android, after flashing, use any file explorer eg. ASTRO File Manager to delete “recovery-from-boot.p” from the system folder at the root of your phone. As shown below:-

Screenshot_2015-12-06-02-43-02-horz wm

Download Root Checker from Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/Root Checker and run the Root Checker to verify Root access. You should get a picture as shown below:-



For some reason should you decided, you want to reverse the situation and Unroot your device, you need to do the following:-

Run SuperSu app on your device.

Go to settings > Full Unroot > Continue, as shown below:-

Screenshot_2015-12-10-00-27-39-horz wm

Now you back to your old phone.





Apps source:-  twrp.me & chainfire.eu

Disclaimer: Flashing can potentially boot loop or softbrick your device. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. 


39 thoughts on “Flash SuperSU using TWRP recovery and Root Redmi Note 2/Prime

      1. I am using redmi note 2 prime.Thank You for this wonderful post.Phone is rooted and well.Do you reccommend any custom Roms with better battery life?Redmi note 2 is a great phone but the battery life just pulls it down.
        Happy New Year 2016!

      2. Yes, it a great phone, I still have the Redmi Note 2 Prime which is superb for the battery life and speed considering it is 10% increase but it makes a different.
        Happy New Year 2016…to you…

      1. I am avid iPhone 6s + user so all my Android phones are for me to are all experimental gadgets, cos to be frank with you, I dare not jailbreak my iPhone cos all my credentials is there beside I do develop apps during my free time for corporate friends who needs my services. I don’t do much with my Android though, so I would give you the wrong perception of the phone usages. Anyway, the ROM I am using is quite bad is social messaging cos I don’t them equally fast or immediate like on my iPhone…

  1. i have problem. i followed all the steps. its just that when i pressed the REBOOT SYSTEM in twrp ui, it just stayed/hung there, and i can’t press any keys.. so what i did is i just removed the battery then thats it

    1. Done worry. Rebooting to system will take some time .Don’t lose patience.It will reboot to system itself.You don’t need to take the battery out.

      1. Nope my Redmi Note 2Prime was fine, just on my Redmi Note 3 is quite long, by I have fixed it accordingly. I bricked my Redmi Note 3 this morning and managed to revived it. Now I on mobile recovering and restoring my apps… I will be coming out with the tutorial based on my installation of a china variant Redmi Note 3, while on mobile with the help of my own tutorials… What I did was use the purple browser to download SuperSU, flashify and twrp.img and I am all set, downloading Google apps apk, too.

  2. Hi.

    After fastboot reboot the screen goes blank pretty fast and I’m not sure if I’m appropriately pressing the volume plus button. Is there any way to confirm or check if you have booted from TRWP mode?

    Appartenly after doing System update it hanges with MI logo and nothing happens after that.

  3. How to install SuperSU-v2.46.zip ? I tried clicking system update and then customized update and then selecting SuperSu-V2.46.zip file. But then even after waiting for half an hour the phone is stuck up with MI.com logo on the black screen.

  4. Hi
    In the downloads sections the name provided is

    While later you mentioned
    “NEXT, install the UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip accordingly to start the rooting process on your phone.”

    Is this a typo?? Please help

      1. Thanks for the prompt response! 🙂 I stopped using that phone due to a lot of apps installing by itself and i can’t uninstall pre-loaded apps (which might be the culprit). Have decided to root the phone and hopefully this helps to solve the problem. Any other suggestions? 🙂

  5. hi felix. I have redmi note2. it is not working like your tutorial when I type “flashboot devices”. do you know why?

  6. ini sudah tak lakuin sesuai tutor
    tapi waktu tekan tombol vol up kok masuk ke mi recovery and gk masuk twrpnya?

    lalu yg BETA-SuperSU-v2.67 itu tetap nama itu atau di ganti update.zip?

    kalau rom stable global V7.1.4.0 apa bisa pakai cara ini?

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