TWRP for Redmi Note 3 for newbies

No-hassle flashing TWRP on your Redmi Note 3 which I had compile a simple script for easy going flashing.


–          Unlocked Bootloader devices.

–          Works ONLY on DEV ROM.

UPDATE:- Jan 16. 2016: Earlier limited to DEV ROM , now it is possible to work on Stable ROM…

INSTALLATION CONSTANTS: Unlocked Bootloader, Dev ROM V5.12.24 (MIUI7)ROOTED and have installed SuperSU binary. I have tested it on the STABLE ROM and it failed to work.




Unzipped and open the folder accordingly, as shown below:-

E-01 wm


Next, double-click, on Flash_TWRP.bat and the command window will popped-up and READ & FOLLOW the instructions as per window, as shown below:-

E-02 wm

E-03 wm

E-04 wm


At this stage you should see your Redmi Note 3 in the fastboot mode and the Mi Bunny mechanic, as shown below:-

Mi Bunny-01 WM

E-05 wm


You have successfully flashed TWRP on your Redmi Note 3 and hit enter and it will reboot the phone for you accordingly, as shown below:-

E-07 wm


Just follow thru the instruction in the command window, to hit Enter when required to, and it will bring to TWRP recovery mode, as shown below:-

E-08 wm


I am using hassle-free Flashify to switch over to Recovery mode or you could do it manually (press & hold the Vol Up + Power, and release after Mi logo), whenever I need to, as shown below:-

Screenshot_2015-12-27-21-30-14_com.miui-horz wm


Some shoots of the installed TWRP recovery:-

IMG-20151228-WA0012 crop

IMG-20151228-WA0008 crop

IMG-20151228-WA0009 crop-tile wm



CREDIT:- TWRP & yahyah206 For contributing a Hennessy 100% compatible TWRP img for my compilation with my batch file.




DISCLAIMER: DO ON YOUR OWN RISK. Flashing can potentially bricked or bootloop your device.


5 thoughts on “TWRP for Redmi Note 3 for newbies

  1. Hey, it seems like I tried to use flashify to flash TWRP recovery over unlocked bootloader and now the recovery seems to be corrupted.

    Any suggestions how it could be fixed?

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