REDMI NOTE 3 / PRO: Backup, Encrypt and Restore

Greetings MIUI-ers… This is a tutorial on how to backup, encrypt and restore your precious personal data and application to a different location and restoring it when you need it most. We are going work with ADB Terminal Command to be able to complete this task. It pretty easy to grasp and comprehend once it… Continue reading REDMI NOTE 3 / PRO: Backup, Encrypt and Restore

[Reviews] Xiaomi Mi4i – Luke-warm experience

Xiaomi Mi 4i is another addition to the Mi lineup, a mid-range edition of the company‚Äôs flagship Mi 4 target market for India being the affordable flagship to compete with other phone in the same price segment.   Design and display The Mi 4i is lighter and thinner compared to its flagship Mi4 with a… Continue reading [Reviews] Xiaomi Mi4i – Luke-warm experience